Objectives of – ESDO:


  1. Take active part in global climate regime to mitigate the consequences of global climate change.
  2. Develop awareness on climate change consequences and natural resource management.
  3. Train and educate people to develop eco-friendly culture.
  4. Develop leadership skills and active participation of women in State’s mainstream processes.
  5. Work for socio-economic empowerment of women, eliminate violation against women.
  6. Train and educate people for hygienic sanitation and practices.
  7. Uplift the socio-economic status of the peoples that lies around the poverty line.
  8. Assist diversify livelihood of natural resource dependant people through option of alternative IGAs.
  9. Response to natural disasters and arrange for rehabilitations.
  10. Ensure supply of safe drinking water to disadvantaged peoples.
  11. Ensure good health and basic education for all aged group people.
  12. Ensure protection of human rights, improve socio-economic condition of disabled people.
  13. Ensure health facilities & nutrition support for the distressed and poor people.
  14. Increase awareness against STD & HIV/AIDS among the target people.
  15. Support depressed poor women for establishing rights, safe motherhood, and minimize birth rate.
  16. Create opportunities of alternative incomes for depressed youth and deprived women.
  17. Improvethe socio-economic condition of tribal people by education, creating job opportunities, enterprise developments and bringing them to State’s mainstream process.